Building Deconstruction Portland

Building Deconstruction Portland

What does one do when the building outlives its construction lifeline? The expiration of a building does not always mean you should destroy all components and do away with the unique structural elements. The better solution is to deconstruct the building so you can make use of its worthy pieces while destroying the entire building.

What is deconstruction?

It is the process of taking the house apart in pieces until you get to the foundation. The majority of elements that you get from the deconstruction services in Portland are reusable and recyclable; hence you can repurpose them in a new building or donate them to another property owner.

Cost of deconstruction

Taking things apart carefully is undoubtedly more affordable than swinging a hammer against the entire building. The total cost of building deconstruction in Portland ranges at around $20,000, but it could be lower if the company uses traditional deconstruction processes. However, most people will find a way to reduce the overall cost by working with the company to cut down on the incurred taxes by establishing the necessary deconstruction requirements in Portland OR.

Deconstruction process

There are several ways to take down a building, depending on what we need to salvage and the exact architecture of the building. The different types of deconstruction usually involve the following processes:

  • Takedown the building from top to bottom by removing the shingles, roofing, decking, and sheeting while proceeding to other parts
  • Removing the interior elements like doors, flooring, hardware, flooring, and windows
  • Disassembling the wall studs
  • Removing the flooring to expose the joists
  • Disposing of hazardous materials like fluorescent lights

Benefits of deconstruction


Deconstruction is a more sustainable practice of bringing down a building because it prevents the overloading of the landfill with waste material. The construction and demolition industry eliminates 19,000 tons of building materials, which always ends up in the landfill to cause toxicity. Deconstruction means more land for better use and more resources to put into more constructive and beneficial projects. An example is that a 2000 square foot home can produce up to 6000 feet of recyclable lumber.

Generate tax breaks

Home deconstruction in Portland generates tax breaks when you donate the materials to a charity that qualifies into section 501(c) 3.

What can our Portland deconstruction contractors save?

Doors and windows

Windows and doors are salvageable when you deconstruct the home with sustainable means. It is up to you which ones you would like to keep or donate. Usually, most donation organizations only accept windows and doors with double panes because they are more energy-efficient.


Kitchen cabinets without signs of damage are suitable to salvage, especially if they have an artistic quality from historic architecture.

Plumbing and appliances

Appliances like microwaves and washing machines usually last long enough to serve in more than one household for several decades. Some plumbing features and appliances to save include bathtubs, toilets, sinks, stoves, and microwaves.

There are cases when the home is not a good candidate for deconstruction because of substantial damage and other types of severe blight. Entrust our Portland deconstruction firms with the task of turning a dead liability into an asset by scheduling a consultation online or via phone 971-290-9651.


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