Demolition Service Portland Oregon

Demolition Service Portland Oregon

Demolition sounds like a fun activity of driving around heavy machinery and swinging hammers at buildings or launching explosions, much like in a thrilling film. In contrast, it is a serious business with a laundry of considerations for small, large, commercial, and residential projects. We are a full-service demolition company that will work with you throughout the plan and creates a contingent plan system that favors your budget, timeline, and project goals.

FAQ top-rated demolition services in Portland OR

Can I do it myself?

Demolition is not a DIY project you can partake in the weekend because there are so many things that could go wrong, even for a simple wall demolition. Using your hands and body as demolition tools is dangerous because they are never strong enough to handle heavy breakdowns and debris. The unpredictability and dangerous aspect of demolition are enough for you to hire a professional with the tools and skills for the job. Portland demolition companies make sure the collapse of the structure according to building codes and every little detail like dust and asbestosis in control.

How can I prepare for demolition?

The demolition process is involved and lengthy, which means you have to prepare for the project to ensure success.

  1. Warn your neighbors – It is unlikely that demolition service in Portland, Oregon, will be silent; hence you will do your neighbors a favor by alerting them before the due date. They will appreciate the gesture and make their plans to steer clear of the site and probably stay away from the noise and dust.
  2. Turn off the utilities – Utilities like electricity, water, gas, and sewer lines must be off before the demolition. We will inspect the premises before the project begins and take necessary precautions before starting.
  3. Vacate the area – It seems evident that you should not be in the area on the demolition date. However, there are little unspoken rules that you should heed to ensure excellent demolition, such as vacating the space at least a day or two before the due date. Demolition companies in Portland, Oregon, strongly recommend that you do not sleep in until the morning of the demolition because we have to inspect the property and make sure everything is in place. Additionally, you will save your project time because you will remove everything that needs saving in time.

What do you do with the debris materials?

A successful demolition project involves minimal waste because the contractor will recycle or reuse them as per the instructions. Some salvageable materials include:

  • Metals like copper, steel, bronze, and iron
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Carpets
  • Wiring
  • Bricks
  • Roofing materials

Our top demolition contractors in Portland OR take care of these materials in our work capacity and throw away or save as much as possible to leave a clean and safe space.

What are different types of demolition?

Demolition projects fit into different categories, such as commercial or residential, interior or exterior demolition, and the different methods of demolition.  

Contact us online or via phone at 971-290-9651 for more information on how we approach demolition and how our best house demolition contractors in Portland can serve your particular project.


Demolition Service Portland Oregon

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Demolition Service Portland Oregon

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