Excavation Near Portland OR

Excavation Near Portland OR

The broad definition of excavation is the process of creating space on the ground by digging. The process is beneficial for many different purposes, such as uncovering ancient constructions, creating space to install pillars, or removing sediments from basements. Excavation is an essential piece of construction and offers a wide range of techniques and tools for all kinds of excavations. Generally, excavation is more than just digging a hole because it always has a purpose. What kind of excavation do you need?

Types of excavation services near Portland OR

Grants General Contracting identifies your need for excavation to plan the right one. You only have to communicate with the best excavation contractors in Portland whether you want to install an underground pipe, space for a road, or build a structure for us to choose the proper excavation near Portland OR

Excavate according to the materials

Construction excavation

The excavation method varies according to the materials we will dig out and will often have different tools to dig through the different materials. Contractors use different processes to achieve each task, such as stripping the top layer of the ground to form a shallow trench. Some materials that go through the stripping method include:

  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Unwanted vegetation
  • Soil
  • Unwanted obstructions like rocks

The primary purpose of stripping materials is to expose the ground below for construction installations.

Drainage excavation

Commercial excavating contractors in Portland use different methods to dig out the ground and install drains and other similar systems. The methods used will dig out materials to create tunnels, ditches, trenches, and depressions that allow water to run off. Drainage excavations must be precise to match the pipe system we need to install, so you can control possible floods and water flows while protecting the ground around.

Burrow excavation

The excavating services in Portland, Oregon involve removing and repurposing the materials to fill or level up certain parts of the construction site. We do this when you do not want to buy new materials and take advantage of available materials.

Excavation according to materials

Excavation work is hugely dependent on the kind of materials we need to remove. An instance is that digging out rocks will require completely different machines than removing soil and sand. The types of excavation methods according to materials usually include:

Topsoil excavation

Topsoil excavation removes the top surface from the site, which consists mainly of soil and sand. It is similar to the stripping methods mentioned above and removes organic matter, soil, vegetation, and other materials.

Rock excavation

Rock excavation uses special machinery and techniques to break the rocks and expose the ground beneath the rocky surface.

Muck excavation

This excavation method digs out wet grounds like wet soil from a flat surface. We may need a combination of tools to dry out the surface, remove the materials and dispose of them per proper guidelines.

Working with our excavation companies in Portland OR puts you in the right direction and expedites your project with extensive skills and expertise. Contact us by phone at 971-290-9651 or by filling our quick contact form online for more information from excavation contractors near me.


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Excavation Near Portland OR

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