Laguna Beach Handyman

Laguna Beach HandymanDo you like your house but not all the fixits required to keep it maintained and in good repair? No worries. We are East West Handyman, and we can be your Laguna Beach handyman. Make a list of the projects you need done and give us a call at 888.639.9992

Life is good in Laguna, where weekends are for days at the beach and backyard barbecues. If you’ve got a mile-long list of household fix-it projects and repairs, you may spend your weekends worrying about when and if your list of to-dos will ever be completed. Not to worry. East West would love to be your Laguna Beach handyman! We do all sorts of small and not-so-small household fix-it, repair, maintenance and upgrade projects for homeowners who can’t do them themselves. Our prices are fair and affordable, and we’ve got excellent references which we’d be delighted to share with you. Go ahead and take a tour of your house. Look in all the rooms and the attic and garage, too. Jot down anything you see that could use a repair or tune-up. Something as seemingly insignificant as a loose screw on a door hinge can drive a householder batty. We could take care of that little problem in a couple of minutes.

Of course, we’re licensed to do plumbing and electrical work in the state of California. We’re bonded and insured, too, so you have no reason to worry when one or more of our East West handyman team is working in your home. We’re neat, quiet and we clean up after ourselves before we call the job complete. Do you love your home, but not all the maintenance? No worries. We are East West Handyman Services, and we love doing that sort of stuff. We can be your Laguna Beach handyman.