Demolishing a structure can be a daunting task, and certainly a messy one! This is why you need to find a general contractor who specializes in demolition services. A skilled contractor with the right equipment can take down a building of any size in short order, and ensure that the work site and surrounding area undergo a thorough cleanup.

Hiring a Professional Demolition Team

Demolishing a home, commercial building, or structure of any kind requires the right equipment, planning, safety training, and professional expertise. There is much more involved than simply swinging a wrecking ball! Today’s demolition professionals use sophisticated techniques to securely take a building down amd remove the debris afterwards.

While the demolition itself requires significant know-how, so does the cleanup process that follows. Whether a structure has been taken down using implosion or with a crane and ball, a huge amount of dust and debris will be created.

How Demolition Cleanup Works

The swift and thorough cleanup of a demolition site requires careful planning on the part of the demolition crew. The crew should have a pretty good idea ahead of time how much debris will be created based on the size of the structure and the materials it was constructed with. Using this knowledge, they can be prepared with the right equipment and safety gear to get the job done efficiently.  

A well-thought-out demolition cleanup will take into account whether there are any materials that can be recycled or reused elsewhere. The debris that can’t be recycled will sometimes undergo a secondary demolition to break it down into smaller pieces before it is taken away. There is also a process for safely extracting any hazardous materials such as lead or asbestos.

Responsible Disposal of Demolition Waste

You may want to ask your contractor how they plan to dispose of the demolition materials, to make sure it is done in an eco-friendly way. There are federal regulations pertaining to the disposal of demolition waste, but you can’t be sure that all contractors adhere to this so it’s always a good idea to ask before hiring a demolition crew.

Debris can be disposed of in either a special landfill designed for this purpose or in a municipal solid waste landfill. Ideally, some of the debris will be salvageable for use elsewhere. For example, concrete and brick can be crushed and reused in concrete aggregate, and asphalt shingles can be reused in the pavement. Even drywall can be recycled, as the gypsum it contains can be used in cement production.

What About Asbestos?

Highly toxic asbestos can be found in many older homes and buildings, so dealing with this problem is a fact of life for most demolition contractors. There are federal regulations and safety codes in place for the disposal of this hazardous substance, but you certainly want to deal with a reputable contractor who you know is going to follow the correct protocols.  

Once airborne, asbestos dust can linger in the atmosphere for quite some time and cause severe respiratory illness. With this in mind, a special vacuum containing a high-efficiency filter must be used during the cleanup, with any debris removed in sealed containers. Wetting the debris first is one technique that a cleanup crew will use to minimize dust.

Final Steps Offered by Demolition Services

As a final step in the cleanup process, the property owner may request to have topsoil and grass seed put down. If a new structure will be going up in place of the old one, the contractor can get to work prepping the area for a new foundation.

If you have a demolition project that needs to be done right, contact us today at Grant’s General Contracting. We will ensure a safe, efficient, and thorough demolition and cleanup.