Portland Area Demolition Crew

Portland Area Demolition Crew

Playing with bricks as a child is our earliest and closest understanding of construction. We would put the bricks together piece by piece and then crash them down for a new creation. Unlike childhood, professional demolition is about dismantling the building with controlled methods to ensure successful and safe results. The different ways of demolishing a building vary according to the type of debris, weather conditions, the purpose of the demolition, and many more factors.

Types of demolition services

Interior demolition

Most of us picture the process of bringing down an entire building when we think about demolition. Interior demolition is selective and only tears down certain parts of the structure instead of its whole. Why would you need selective demolition by the best house demolition contractors in Portland?

Selective demolition takes down part of the house that is damaged from a tornado or storm. It is also excellent for removing a structure that needs renovation, such as the top floor or wing of the house. These projects follow many different reasons and require the expert judgment and analysis of a trained demolition constructor.

Interior demolition allows us to remove mold and other ingrown things while keeping up a safer environment. Leave the science of interior demolition to experts because we know how to protect the conjoined structure and follow the local demolition codes.

Total building demolition

Total building demolition needs expert input to complete each stage of the demolition. We evaluate the building’s size, materials, conditions, location, and state to determine the best demolition method. We have a history of demolishing both commercial and residential properties, including the following specific structures:

  • Single-family homes
  • Educational institutions
  • Industrial plants
  • Retail buildings

Our demolition plan collects accurate estimates and executes each demolition stage to perfection. The combination of in-depth technical demolition and experience allows demolition companies in Portland Oregon, to work on all kinds of buildings, to deliver efficiency despite the size or complication of the design.

Asbestos abatement

The United States banned the production of asbestos from as early as 40 years ago. Exposure to this carcinogen is hazardous and toxic, with the risk of significant health complications. Asbestos abatement is the process of mitigating the carcinogen’s risks by inspecting and deciding whether it is necessary to plan its complete removal. We put together a work plan to prepare part of the structure with the asbestos and use safe removal processes to remove the material and ensure the safety of the building and its residents.

Experienced asbestos Portland demolition companies will have a written valuation of the property to indicate all details of the mineral, such as the size and location. We prepare top-rated demolition services in Portland OR that adhere to the federal, state, and local laws to mark all the hazardous areas and the exact removal methods.

The team then puts together a plan to clean and vacuum the space of all debris in compliance with the local environmental regulations. Are you interested in any of the above demolition services? Give our top demolition contractors in Portland OR a call 971-290-9651 or schedule a meeting by filling in the contact form online.


Portland Area Demolition Crew

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