Structure Demolishing Portland

Structure Demolishing Portland

Every building has a lifespan of perhaps one century and, after that, becomes inhabitable or dangerous because it now has weak materials or structures. Some people will restructure the entire building or demolish it to create friendlier living conditions. Are you confused about whether your prospective building needs demolition? We can examine it for you and get the proper permits to pull down or rebuild parts of it.

Everything about structure demolishing in Portland

Get a demolition permit.

The demolition permit is the legal permit you produce to get yourself the right to demolish the structure. Most building contractors will get the demolition permit before building the property; hence you do not have to get a second one when it is time to take it down. Nonetheless, we can still get a demolition permit if you did not get it at the juncture of building the home. The best house demolition contractors in Portland may need to pursue a different demolition permit for separate structures like the detached garage or shed, even if you have one for the main property.

Requirements for us to get the demolition permit

  • A complete permit application form
  • A grading plan
  • A complete plumbing inspection
  • A demolition escrow to ensure a safe and secure demolition project

Demolition stages  

Before deciding on your property’s demolition method, demolition companies in Portland Oregon have to look at many different factors. We evaluate the home’s location, primary building materials, and how you intend to reuse the materials. The demolition process kicks off after we go through with the following processes:


Portland demolition companies survey the building and structure to determine the type of materials used, the presence of hazards and other toxic elements, and the drainage conditions to find the best possible demolition method. The team also looks at the neighborhood to establish its sensitivity to vibration, noise, traffic, dust, and other environmental impacts.

The survey will usually also reveal the structural condition of the underground tanks, basement, and vaults to establish the safest demolish method and safety standards.

Removing hazards

Top-rated demolition services in Portland OR have specialized tools to remove hazardous materials and toxins like asbestos, petroleum, and radioactive metals. We may also advise you on hiring another contractor to remove all hazards before our demolition process. The bottom line is that our team will only ensue the demolition when we are confident that risk factors like heat stress, noise exposure, chemical exposures, and occupational diseases are under control.

Demolition method

As stated earlier, the demolition method depends on the following processes:

  • Location of the building about adjacent streets, structures, and buildings
  • The structural support system
  • Time to complete the demolition

There are two main methods of demolishing a building; explosive and non-explosive. Our top demolition contractors in Portland OR use a non-explosive method using excavators and bulldozers, which demolish small to average buildings. These machines also help transfer debris to leave the space as clean and neat as before. We can advise you on the specific demolition method you need for your property when you contact us online or call 971-290-9651 to speak with one of the top demolition contractors in Portland OR.



Structure Demolishing Portland

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Structure Demolishing Portland

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